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SHORTCUTS TO HELL: VOLUME 1 an anthology of the 26 best short films created for the ’666 Shortcuts To Hell’ UK talent search competition. An essential collection of shorts for anyone serious about horror and the directors of tomorrow.

 FrightFest, Horror Channel & Movie Mogul reveal their top six finalists for 666 Short Cuts To Hell

FrightFest and Movie Mogul, in association with Horror Channel, challenged aspiring filmmakers all over the country to make a short horror film, but 666 Short Cuts To Hell was no ordinary film competition. Entrants had to follow a series of ‘killer’ restraints such as a maximum of 6 lines of dialogue, a maximum of 6 cast and crew members and a maximum budget of £666.
A staggering 157 entries made the grade and the overall winner will be announced at FrightFest 2013 on Sunday Aug 25 after the screening of all six films. On hand to congratulate all six finalists will be the distinguished judging panel; Horror Channel presenter Emily Booth, FrightFest director Paul McEvoy, Movie Mogul’s John Shackleton, Filmmaker Paul Hyett and journalist  Rosie Fletcher. Tom Six is planning to attend subject to his commitments on Human Centipede 3.
Apart from the honour of being showcased at the UK’s biggest genre festival, the six finalists will also have their films screened on Horror Channel, with the overall winner receiving £6,666 courtesy of Horror Channel and the opportunity to develop a feature film under mentorship from Movie Mogul.
Chris Sharp, Chief Programming Officer, Chello Zone, said today:: “The film industry has some incredible talent emerging as seen in our inaugural 666 Short Cuts To Hell competition. It’s been a huge but highly enjoyable task to watch all 157 entries and a very difficult decision process to select the final six.  Many more of the short films deserve recognition and exposure so we pledge to broadcast as many as we can on the channel. I’m proud Horror Channel is a platform for rising stars in the industry and we will continue to do all we can to support young talent.”
John Shackleton, M.D of Movie Mogul added: “This competition exceeded our expectations by a long way. So many terrific short films, but so little space in the top 6! I’m thrilled with the final selection and can’t wait to see who wins!”
Here are the six films…


Six Degrees of (Limb) Separation.
Directed by  Mikel Iriarte.  Cast: Leo Charlton, Madeleine Dunbar, Sam Atkind
Joe the electrician gets his wiring in a mess, in an entertaining homage to the legendary director Lucio Fulci

Rick James

6 Seconds To Die.
Directed by Rick James.  Cast: Emma Drysdale, Emily Petrolo & John Rackham
A young girl goes missing whilst playing hide and seek, she makes a new friend for life

David Wayman

 6 Shooter
Directed by David Wayman. Cast: Ed Nudd, Aston Fisher, Tom Murton, Teya Simone, Kym Chapman, Dan Lord
Young fun turns sour when a tequila worm goes on the rampage

Alice Moet

6th Sense
Directed by Alice Moet. Cast: Ellie Manson, Bethany Jackson, Joanne Mitchell, Angela Beadle, Dominic Brunt, Mark Newby
The victims of an oppressive government paranormal research scheme fight back and reap bloody revenge

Weronika Tofilska

6 Feet Under
Director: Weronika Tofilska. Cast: Harriet Neville. Jon Readwin, Ewan Stewart, Stephanie Blake & Agis Pitlis
A young woman’s imagination gets the better of her whilst beautifying an attractive male corpse in a morgue

Joe & Lloyd Stas 

Six Feet Under
Directed by Joe & Lloyd Stas. Cast: Helen Booden, Tom Stas, Lloyd Stas, Ben Galler
A nostalgic trip through the 80′s seen through the eyes of a heartbroken zombie


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